Have you ever just thought to yourself how such a massive population of people can all have the same thought, same demeanor, same type of lifestyle and not even question their method of living. It’s as if we are born to understand that we must live a certain way, speak a certain way, and conduct our lives a certain way. Why are we not able to think beyond that?

If you take a look at history, innovation and great thinkers came from an era when social media was not prevalent. The art of communication was a skill that was valued and skillfully learned while growing up. However, social media has taken the entire definition of communication and changed it completely over the span of 5 years while  applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were being adopted by the masses. We began teaching our young children to use devices and to interact with digital beings rather than human beings. This re-programmed our children to become addicted to digital interactions and instead of valuing the communication skills that is learned from society and family, children are learning these skills from social media sites. Because of this, isolation is becoming more prevalent and accepted.

We are the ones that are fueling this economy towards extreme cases in mental health now and in the near future as well. We are blindly accepting these social media sites and just because of rising popularity, we then feel the need to join as well. Without us knowing, we continued to fuel the addiction that exists today. This turned into a vicious loop where now people cannot get through their day without getting the attention/fix that they now need from social media.

Its time to wake up about what social media is doing to the very fabric of this society and our ever-changing economy. We, as people need to set the standards before the standards are set upon us. Regulating social media is not the answer, we must create a reason for people to get off social media, not receive more harm from social media in the form of regulations. We can do something about this now.

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