What is Mammoth?

Mammoth is a decentralized rewards platform with open source code and a custom algorithm that enables everyone to take part in our rewards network. Our vision is to reconnect humanity. Our purpose is to rebuild communication by connecting people to what's most beneficial for their minds through genuine, positive and decentralized rewards. The best solution for those who want to regain a healthy subconscious after unhealthy digital influences.

Our wallet enables users to earn our token by completing productive, satisfying tasks in various industries, ultimately building a more authentic Rewards Identity and subconsciously gratifying our need for rewards. Instant reward transactions are provided all around the world by the Mammoth Network, they are research-backed, and they don’t require loyalty.

Est. Token Value Growth

Est. Mammoth Token Value

We've ran an analysis of our token valuation based on IP volumes and mining details. Our results are based on a set of equations to render an estimated value per year. The exponential adoption of the Mammoth token is in relation to the market capitalization.

Mammoth Est. Price Target
Est. 24 hour volume


Why Mammoth?


Ready to Get Started?

Here's everything you need to know to get started with Mammoth. We've built a guide to help you learn more about us.