Open source solutions are not planned, but rather evolve according to the changing values and goals of the community.

The Mammoth platform is a portal that is developed on a public/private blockchain with the ability to use analytics and incentivize the economy for better outcomes based on a rewards system. It enables users with any level of blockchain experience to map their business model onto the blockchain, generate code through developer-defined modules​,​ and tag the process throughout the flow while applying points logic to business models.

The architecture of the Mammoth platform is built around a decentralized framework, ultimately unifying rewards with its blockchain parallel. The platform constructs an architecture that is decentralized (no authority), permission-less (no regulator), censorship resistant (no frozen points), open-access (no discrimination), free (no transaction costs), borderless (no geographic limitations), transactional (no specific jurisdiction), and secure (no falsifications).


The real trick in highly reliable systems is somehow to achieve simultaneous centralization and decentralization.

Karl E. Weick