To reconnect humanity.

Rebuilding communication by connecting people to what’s most beneficial for their minds through genuine, positive, and decentralized rewards.

The mission of Mammoth is dedication to the highest quality of human digital interaction, delivered with peace of mind, authenticity, individual rewards, and company spirit.

Live the Mammoth Way
Rewarding Spirit
Humble Heart
Positive Attitude

Work the Mammoth Way
Genuine Connections
Improved Conscious Health
Valuable Return

Contact our team by emailing us directly at to begin the process of becoming a partner or affiliate.

We are based in the United States. Our servers are in U.S. based data centers.

Our servers, load balancers and database are hosted by Amazon AWS. Our SHA-2 SSL is provided by Godaddy. Some of our development tools and our analytics are provided by Google. Every member of our development team has been involved with our founders for a minimum of 2 years or has worked with our founders in a business capacity previously.

We are launching in a beta program and we expect to make many adjustments to the website during the first three months. We will launch with over a dozen languages immediately following our beta program.