At the core of the Mammoth ecosystem are highly personalized rewards algorithms built on specific business models. We utilize artificial intelligence tools to map a path to success in the rewards economy that has been validated by leading experts in the Blockchain industry. A decentralized application enables progress tracking and confidence to trust transactions while monitoring the development progress of the overall ecosystem.

The Mammoth Ecosystem results in intelligent transactional movement. This ecosystem includes applications, smart analytics that deliver us into the future with a rewards-based system. The future is a vibrant ecosystem that includes a dual asset relationship between tokens and points. The result is an efficient cycle of digital asset management and a positive feedback loop with increased rewards and decreased volatility.

Transactional flow refers to the actions that result in movement of data on the blockchain. For existing enterprises with a rewards program, blockchain transactions enable consumers to redeem and exchange points in the form of monetary value, adding significant value for consumers.

Some methods of transactional flow include:

  • Earning points for blockchain-based activities
  • Converting points to cryptocurrencies and monetary value
  • Directly applying points towards purchases
  • Sending points to friends and family using a secure digital wallet
  • Using points to enable transactions