Protocol Quality & Reliability

A rewards protocol is a collection of smart contracts that render an overall outcome. A protocol blockchain requires a functioning ecosystem of services. The Mammoth rewards protocol seeks to provide incentives and earn rewards in the form of tokens. The rewards protocol will be built from scratch and customized to represent a set of code that results in the following transactional activities:

  • Increase customer engagement
  • Elimination of third party vendors for the maintenance of loyalty programs
  • Reduced liability

As part of the protocol, Mammoth seeks to enable all industries to incorporate a rewards-based points system within their Blockchain endeavors and into their current or future business models. However, as Blockchain continues to experience its growing pains, the future of mainstream Blockchain technology will rely on decreasing the failure rate of start-ups, on-boarding off-chain enterprises and the implementation of open source distributed ledger technology. Mammoth is an end-to-end rewards-based blockchain platform with development solutions that seek to utilize the protocol layer.

Safety and reliability of transactions is further promoted and ensured through data validation techniques. Such techniques reduce liabilities and responsibilities placed with consumers and enterprises.