Scalability involves the growth of blockchain data storage. Mammoth uses the blockchain framework for its applicability to help with enabling a peer-to-peer framework for rewards leading to exponential growth of the number of users and data. As decentralized platforms continue to scale, Mammoth will also continue to scale.

In Mammoth, cryptocurrency and reward points collaborate together to deliver the necessary services that are expected of them. Mammoth ensures accountability of task and services that are expected to be delivered in a timely manner. As Mammoth grows and transactions increase, the Mammoth infrastructure would effectively address this scale.

Network supporters (nodes) will receive tokens and points as network fees. Mammoth will enable nodes on the Mammoth platform. After a period of time, a staking amount will be established to ensure commitment and to maintain the quality of the network. Users pay a network fee to nodes to use services ran on the node. They can either acquire tokens from other token holders, apply earned points or they can run a node themselves to start acquiring tokens and points.