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The Age of Decentralization: A Government Protocol Designed to Prevent Shutdowns

One of the greatest challenges in building a decentralized solution through a blockchain platform is ensuring that it is a system of governance to manage, transact, maintain and scale the solution. A decentralized government would combine the openness of democracy with the merits of an information-based society. This includes the virtues of security, transparency, computation, prediction, strategy, attention, bandwidth, power, storage,…

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Blockchain Trends for 2019

2018 was a roller coaster ride in the world of the blockchain. Cryptocurrencies skyrocketed at the beginning of the year, only to tank at the end, with a complete uncertainty looking forward. Major technology providers like IBM, Oracle, and Amazon, got in on blockchain-related services. Other companies have started trying out the technology, establishing the first use cases and proofs-of-concept for the technology. After such an exciting year, what can we expect next?

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