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The Price of Social Media Addiction

Many may not notice it, but its actually happening. The collapse of social media is happening while we don’t even realize it. In fact, we as a society are fueling this collapse without even knowing it. Once social media begins charging its users, more than 50% of the user base will vanish and rehab back into society. What we don’t realize perhaps is that this is already happening in a very “back-door” sort of way. How you might ask?

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The Economy is Addicted and We are the Drug

Its time to realize what social media is doing to the very fabric of this society and our ever-changing economy. We, as people need to set the standards before the standards are set upon us. Regulating social media is not the answer, we must create a reason for people to get off social media, not receive more harm from social media in the form of regulations. We can do something about this now.

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The Reality of Social Media

We have all been in that situation where social media has either destroyed us or destroyed someone we know. Social media has gone extremely far, to the point where it’s very hard to imagine a life without it, let alone how to retract from it. How do we go back from social media and save ourselves now?

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