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Genesis, Blockchain Version

A genesis block is considered the first block in a blockchain. It is almost always hardcoded into the application that utilizes its blockchain. It does not reference a previous block since there wouldn’t be a preceding block. A genesis block should not be confused with a generation transaction which is considered the first transaction a miner creates in a block. Blocks hold transactions that store unalterable data related to the network. Blocks are then hashed and encoded into a Merkle tree. A block, plus all of the blocks preceding and following it, form a blockchain. Each block replicates all of the data contained in the previous block. A blockchain is a list of records that is expanding all of the time. It all begins with the Genesis block.

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Illuminating Enterprise Dark Data with the Blockchain

Sheer volumes of data in our world has been expanding exponentially. Analyzing large, complex sets of data has become a necessity in understanding the wealth of information derived from data. Data is a key strategic asset that has the potential to change the way we operate as a population from curing diseases to saving lives. In 2011, McKinsey & Company estimated that if we use big data creatively to drive efficiency and quality, we could add more than $300 billion in value each year for just healthcare alone. Now that enterprises are keeping a larger amount of unstructured data, they are looking for new ways to leverage it, paving the way for a paradigm shift in advanced levels of analytics. Here are a few ways to uncover the hidden realities of data and shift into transparency as we develop Blockchain technology into the future. 

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