Advisory Team

Hassan Shenasa

Business Advisor

Hassan Shenasa is a Co-Founder at OstiSense, Inc. in the San Francisco Bay area. He comes with a strong background as a data scientist and researcher at prestigious firms like ThermoFisher and Proteus. With a degree earned from Purdue University and Northwestern University, he excels in engineering, bioscience, and business strategy. As an advisor at Mammoth, Hassan brings a unique…

Janet Todorova

Technical Advisor

Janet Todorova stands at the forefront at the cross-section of technology and human behavior. With a unique combination in creativity in this fast paced technology industry, she excels in analytics and technical strategy. Passionate about start-ups, she has more than 7 years of experience in business and product development. At Mammoth, Janet provides a unique perspective in technical direction, business…

André Hammen

Technical Advisor

André Hammen is an entrepreneur, creative technologist and product management consultant, passionate about building meaningful ventures and emerging technologies. In the last 9 years, he has helped startups and established enterprises to rapidly get their product to market, find their fit and to achieve their strategic traction goals. He is currently building Metamorph, a company that is a decentralized incubation…