Core Team

Dania Chaalan

Business Analyst

Dania is a motivated business specialist with a keen perspective in business innovation and analysis. As a specialist, she works with team members and clients in gathering requirements, managing project solutions and leading in the progressed growth of business development. With a strong background in science, she has a strong cross-functional perspective in emerging technologies.

Mikhael Zewdu

Blockchain Developer

Mikhael Zewdu comes with a background in applied mathematics and statistics. Having studied at the University of California, he’s experienced and well versed in technical development in Python, C++ and Solidity. As a technical expert, Mikhael has a vast range of interest from risk management, equity trading and data analysis to blockchain and AI. His strengths include accelerated development, research…

María Eugenia Zambón

Blockchain Engineer

María Eugenia Zambón is an exceptional senior computer systems engineer. Now with extensive experience as a Blockchain Engineer, María has remarkable skills in functional analysis and leadership in development. She has experience developing in the mainframe environment, working with Cobol, and PL/I, DB2, among a variety of other skills. María brings comprehensive and advanced skills in HTML, SQL, SharePoint and Salesforce.…

Gary Austin, Esq.

Corporate Counsel

Gary Austin has practiced law in Southern California since 1999. After earning his law degree from Loyola Law School in 1998, Mr. Austin began his legal career working in several small law offices where he learned all aspects of civil litigation and the importance of building strong relationships whether they be with opposing attorneys, the court or, most importantly, clients.…

Saima Fleece

Chief Administrative Officer

Saima Fleece represents exceptional leadership in a variety of industries ranging from technology to entertainment. Having successfully managed client relations and high profile portfolio’s at companies like Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures, Saima’s skills include digital asset management, production, strategy, and business growth. Her background includes business administration focusing on MIS, business analysis, and six sigma methodology. As a business…

James Slater, MBA, MSW

Chief Advisory Officer

Jim is a corporate leader with a strong background in healthcare, veteran’s affairs, clinical social work, nanotechnology, engineering and design. With experience in executive leadership for over 20 years, Jim brings a strong and wholesome perspective in business operations. With an accomplished background in education, Jim leads the Advisory Council in continued business developments.

Ron Nuttall

Chief Technology Officer

Ron comes with an extensive background in technology and leading corporate technology teams. He is a technically trained IT professional with over 20 year’s of success leading in engineering innovation for high-growth healthcare organizations. Ron is adept in managing large IT teams, ensuring projects are completed per organizational needs and I continually strive for safety, security, reliability, and integrity in…

Jen Oloo

Chief Marketing Officer

Jen is an innovative and focused marketing executive. She has expertise in indirect sales channel with compelling brand creative to better support our partners. With over 12 years of working in marketing and sales organizations, she clearly identifies key challenges to further indirect channel partnerships. As a creative brand expert, she brings a unique and strategic perspective in marketing emerging…

Al Prado

Chief Information Officer

Al Prado is a business executive with extensive experience in large corporate IT environments, including 20+ years of management/project management, working with both applications and infrastructure technologies. With a proven ability to develop and set strategic plans and goals, Al provides a strategic and technical perspective in Mammoth’s data infrastructure. Additional skills include determining business/division requirements, system requirements and completing…

Ali David Chahine


Dr. Ali Chahine brings a vast amount of experience in healthcare and digital technology. Having operated a nationwide telehealth company, he has proven himself as a leader in business development and strategy. After completing his MD, Dr. Chahine joined Mammoth to bring operational value and growth as a company. With skills in leadership and management of business systems and processes,…